Configuring CISCO 7962G/7941G for 3CX Phone System

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Configuring CISCO 7962G/7941G for 3CX Phone System

Post by faridmmv » 02 Nov 2017, 15:03

Things to know:
In Settings menu, to unlock settings need to press **# - you'll see "unlocked" sign on right up corner.
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To enter firmware downloading mode or reset the phone, you need to power-cycle phone. When it starts at moment when speakerphone button will flash, need to press and hold # button. Then buttons on right side from screen will flash one after another. Now we can release the # button, and press 123456789*0# in this order. Phone will boot up in firmware download mode.
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First need to download firmware for SIP version 8.5.4 (Make sure you're downloading SIP not SCCP). You can download it from here. Find For downloading you need to register and fill info in your profile, after that site will allow you to download the file.

When you have firmware files, you need TFTP server to upload firmware files and configuration files to phone.

1. On any computer on your network install Pumpkin TFTP server, or any other which your prefer.

2. You need DHCP server. It can be windows DHCP server or your cisco router, does not matter. You need to enable option 66 and 150. Why both? DHCP Option 150 is Cisco proprietary. The IEEE standard that matches with this requirement is Option 66. Like option 150, option 66 is used to specify the Name of the TFTP server. So we will enable both. You can use ready soft for DHCP and TFTP, like TFTPD32 or others from internet. Make sure that your soft is only DHCP server in network.

3. On you TFTP server, link to folder which will contain your firmware files. Extract to that folder all firmware files from archive which you download previously, and SEPXXXXXXXXXX.cnf.xml and SIPDefault.cnf files which you downloaded via provision link on 3CX server. You can find how to do it on 3CX site pages.

4. Connect you phone to network, enter to firmware downloading mode (please see top of the post), first file for download will be probably term62.default.loads. You'll see logs of firmware update in your TFTP server(Pumpkin in our case), if there any error about missing files, you need to make sure you linked proper folder in you TFTP server settings and have there needed files.
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5. After all firmware files will load to phone properly (check events in TFTP server) phone will reboot. After reboot phone will look for SEPXXXXXXXXXX.cnf.xml file and SIPDefault.cnf. That`s enough to work with 3CX.

The Same Process with CISCO 7941G, make sure you're downloading proper firmware. Hint: try enter 123456789*0# before yellow lights on right side of the screen will finish blinking. Otherwise you'll miss firmware download mode. Welcome =)
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