ZyXEL NWA3160-N cannot access web interface

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ZyXEL NWA3160-N cannot access web interface

Post by faridmmv » 21 Sep 2018, 18:14

We have ZyXEL NWA3160-N AP. Cannot access web interface. Actions like connecting AP directly to PC, set static AP and access via; connecting to router, and access through IP address from DHCP did not help.

Actually we can still access AP through FTP and SSH. If we will connect by SSH(admin/1234), show version command shows:
The attachment 2018-09-21_10-45-29.png is no longer available
İt has turned out that AP was in "Controlled AP" mode, where it requires AP controller. We need to change firmware.
You can download it here: ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NWA3160-N/firmware/
In my case, latest version is: 2.23(UJA.8)

Download firmware, extract, connect via FTP to AP usind CMD or PowerShell and upload firmware file, wait till AP reboots.

1.ftp>NWA3160-N IP
2.admin------------------------->device user name
3.1234-------------------------->device pwd
4.bin--------------------------->transmit data in binary mode
5.put 223UJA2C0.bin------------->FW file name
2018-09-21_10-45-29.png (3.29 KiB) Viewed 11746 times
In case of additional help, request help from ZyXEL support

https://kb.zyxel.com/KB/searchArticle!v ... 28&lang=EN
ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NWA3160-N/cli_refe ... 60-N_2.pdf
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